Time is not our friend

I know it’s late and maybe I will talk too much about this subject or maybe deviate, just a lil’ bit. It’s just so hard to stay with the same subject, when there are a lot of’em which relate so well. I hope you’ll find this subject interesting and maybe encouraging.

The moment when you establish that your affective condition (when you feel very good) is pressed by time to end, that’s the moment when you find out that time is really not your friend. Of course, I didn’t meant to make a rhyme, but I wanted to make a point.

One of our biggest battles is the one with the time. We struggle to hide years from our face, our bodies, from the beginning of the apparition of our first wrinkle. We panic and it’s normal, ‘cause we panic when new and strange things get into our lifes. Changes are good, you won’t develop yourself as a person unless you get rid of your fears and make steps outside so the world can hear and see you. I consider that our purpose is to learn to live with ourselves and with the others, to adapt to the environment, whatever it might be and, most important, to increase our knowledge.

There are moments in life when you feel that the earth is moving from your feet and you got no control. I wish time was more gentle, giving us many hours to enjoy, special moments with special people, moments that could just never end, or seem like never ending. I hate that time only mocks us and lets us down when we need it the most to stay by our side. How many times you were bored, or missed someone, or worked so much and hard, wishing that time could flew so fast ? I will answer for you: many !!! But did anything happen? Not exactly, it felt like time was moving slower and slower…

Being humans we’re not perfect, although, most of us, we try to reach perfection. We make mistakes, we learn or not from them, the point is that we find ourselves in some situations when we’re not accepting the reality and we would do anything to change it, by working the past-present (living again the past and changing it so the future would be much brighter). Can we bring time back? Of course we can’t and my question is: Why did time flew so fast when we needed it the most? Who’s mistake is? OURS !!! That’s the reason why I’m telling that one of the most important thing to do and the most important is to increase our knowledge !!!  As long as you are less interested by what’s important and consider that what’s more comfy  is the best for you, guess what: You are so damn wrong !!!  Of course, if you consider that reading the Bible is the best for you, go ahead, no one will stop you, you’re a free person and you do as you want to; there are your beliefs and if you think that all the science and revolutionizing stuffs are irrelevant, then, again, do what you want to, it’s your choice, but don’t try to kill yourself for being a stupid, depressed, authentic redneck , it was your choice ! I know I have deviated a lil’ bit, so I’ll skip this, maybe continue it some other day. You gotta start reading, documenting about what’s best for you, ask for an advice if you want, just do something !

What I’m trying to say is that you gotta think about your future, by starting to do something with your present , ‘cause no one’s gonna bring you back the hours that you spent doin’ nothing about  it. As I said, time is not our friend !


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