Stop being sexy at 12-15 years old !!!

I thought that it might be a good idea if I started a new topic today and discuss about a tough subject that most of women discuss our days, especially the ones who have children. I decided to talk about fashion’s influence on little girls, on teenage girls.

The Internet is full of information that is necessary or not, depending on our interests and , most importantly, our age. We receive involuntary, most of the time, a bunch of information that aren’t what we are lookin’ for, but, depending the age of the  Internet’s  “victim” , those information  have or not a huge impact on them.

It’s so complicated for a girl to fulfill the tasks of a girl at their age. I’m talkin’ ‘bout their priorities which, lately, they got changed. I’ve seen a lot of 12-13 year old girls according attention to all the things that a woman is addicted and I’m talkin’ ‘bout their appearance. It’s not normal for a girl that age to show interest to make-up and sexy clothing, they should focus their attention on studying. The big influence in this is the Internet, because, no matter the age, kids access it and their parents also do and children do the same things they see at their parents.

Why is so not cool to do make-up and stuff at the age of 12-15? I’ll tell you why. I’m not absurd, if the girl wants to wear nail polish or to use a lipgloss or a nude lipstick, it’s fine with me, I don’t think that changes her that much as a brow definition (not talkin’ ‘bout tweezing the excess, but about having thick brows and drawed ones), or mascara (agree with having curling lashes with a curler), or foundation etc. Girls that age don’t need to put masks on their face, ‘cause when you’re doin’ it, everything goes on the opposite side of a normal childhood. It gets sexual.

Make-up’s important task is to make women get confident with themselves, to feel attractive; young girls shouldn’t feel attractive, they do not have desires, sexual desires as a women does. It’s just not normal. The sexy clothing have the same impact as the make-up does, they’re like related, even married if you ask me LOL.

People might  say it’s their parents fault for giving them such a bad education, but the education ain’t given only by the parents, we’re talkin’ ‘bout the environment, what they see at the others. When we are young, we tend to copy older people than us, because we always learn something different and new from others who have much more experience than we have and it’s quite normal. Children are known as being great “sponges” for absorbing all the information they receive, thing that is not that easy for an adult to do.

I blame the Internet for allowing so much things to be seen, to be discussed without being censored. I blame fashion for it trends, for the influence it gives to the younger girls, for the influence it gives for the teenage girls (after 17 years old), tryin’ to get out the “beast” in them, transforming them into sex bombs. First of all, I blame Facebook because it has a huge power on mind manipulation. It’s a place where everything looks normal, perfect, you find what you need, or not, but you think it’s good because the people you admire like them and so do you. On Facebook there are  a lot of fashion pages who inspires most of us, but they’re all having women do “fashioning” and make-up and their message is for the girls their age. And so comes the influence that it’s so awesome to do those things, without thinkin’ at what’s important, ‘cause if  you think more about it, even those girls when they were younger they didn’t practice all the things they’re doin’ now, they focused on studyin’ and thinking about a brighter future for them. Youtube has it’s own fault for having so much girls out there doin’ their vlogs and discussing about make-up without warning the much younger girls that they shouldn’t do this unless they grow a lil’ bit (more).

I’m not a hater or anything of that, it’s just that I grew in an Era when teenage girls were decent, waaaay more decent than the nowadays teenage are and not only me, but my friends were preoccupied to  studyin’ and their future. Of course I had seen girls at my age worrying more about boys and make-up, but they were less than they are today, and even those girls were studying, which is a big difference.

My advice to all the teenage girls out there is to stop trying to look like a grown up woman, it’s not cool to have, let’s say, 15 and to look like a 25 year old girl. You are just not psychically prepared for all the tasks a grown up woman does. You can use a foundation, you can use mascara, blush, whatever, but try to keep it simple and do not wear too much on, don’t wear too sexy clothes (boobs /butt getting out), unless you wanna be associated with a street walker. Don’t think you will impress boys with a bitchy attitude, you are just too young for that and even when you get older it’s not that cool as you think it is now. Think about yourselves, about having a good reputation, although is not really important what the others think, you should think about your parents who grew you up and who would give their lifes for you, think how disappointed they would be to see you fallin’ .

I wish you have a good day and think more about what’s good for yourselves!

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