Why do people get married

A normal person who is raised in a society gets an education which involves that society’s culture. That society is like a family who establishes a variety of rules and the children, which is the population, must obey and respect them. Sometimes, the rules are not taken seriously and they can be easily broken. This happens often when an individual thinks that he’s no longer a person with freedom, but a puppet who’s being manipulated by other people with a higher status. To avoid the disobeyance, the church manipulation got born. This way, people were told that doing bad things and not respecting some rules the society gave them, it will only give them a ticket to a horrible place where they will be punished for eternity.

The main reason that people get married is because of the church manipulation. The church says that living with a man/woman without being married, it’s a sin and people don’t want to sin, because they don’t wanna end up in Hell to spend their afterlife in boiling water. There are people who don’t think this afterlife story, but their parents do and because they love and respect their parents, they feel like they should make this step just to see them happy.

Another reason why people make this step is because of their family, their friends and they are afraid to be judged by them. Marrying somebody should not be an obligation, it must be a one-person’s choice because that person wants to, not the family, nor the friends, nor the priest from the town’s church.


Some people choose to marry because they think they’ve made the supreme gesture of love for the person they want to spend their life with. It’s like a love declaration, only more intense. When we talk about people’s feelings, we enter a new world, a world where nothing matters but the soul and an act like this it’s absolutely huge.

Other people are being manipulated by Mass-Media, because they see in almost every movie that the main characters are getting married in the end, thing that happens even in cartoons and so the toddlers are taught that when they meet that special person, they should get married.

Because of the low self-esteem, some people choose to marry the first person they hook up with and somehow they think that  marriage will make the other person stay with them ‘till the rest of their life. It’s a sick mentality and also sad, but it seems like mass-media has done its job.

Mass-media is dangerous; it shows in movies, cartoons, commercials, beautiful people, beautiful outfits, beautiful weddings outdoor ( beautiful gardens or beaches etc.) all wrapped up in a beautiful package with a clear message, that if you will make that step and organizing the wedding of your dreams, you will live happily ever after with your partner. But to achieve all of that, you must have money and instead of having a simple wedding , you start to loan money from the bank just to have the perfect wedding as the mass-media taught you to.

Because of the mass-media we live in a shallow world, where people are afraid to be themselves, where people marry because they love, but they don’t love people, they love money, money that other people have and so there’s a chain of interests, lies, depressions, murders, suicides and so on.

In our days, no one cares about the true meaning of marrying someone. But, hey ! There’s no such thing as a marriage meaning because marriage should not have any meaning. If two people love eachother and they were meant to spend their lives together, they will stay together and they will live happily, they can have a huge family and so on. A stupid piece of paper, a blessing from an organization built to manipulate aka The Church, making some manipulated people happy, won’t make your relationship last forever. You will get the acceptance of the society that raised you up and you will be seen as another sheep in the herd.